UPDATED 3/3/09: Tired Iron Plan B

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UPDATED 3/3/09: Tired Iron Plan B

#1 Post by Darrell » Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:09 am

UPDATED 3/3/09: Tired Iron Plan B

Change to Race Start...

Due to the condition of the river in front of Pike's Landing, the Tired Iron starting line will be moved to the Pump House Restaurant. The forecast for the first week of March is for warmer than normal temperatures.

In an effort to make safety the top priority, the Fairbanks Racing Lions will continue to monitor ice thickness and surface conditions of the Chena River.

The following changes are in effect:

1) Jurassic Classic...
The Jurassic Classic will start in front of the Pump House and run downstream approx. 1 mile to the turnaround and then back to the Pump House, 4 times (total 8 miles).

2) The Radar Run will take place in front of the Pump House, beginning immediately after the Jurassic Classic is completed.

2) Fun Run Classic...
The Fun Run and Tired Iron Classic will start at the Pump House and run to the mouth of the Chena and back 4 times (24 miles).

4) The Awards banquet will take place at the Pump House immediately after the Radar Run is completed.

We recommend that Jurassic Classic drivers park their vehicles at the Pump House Parking lot so that it is easier and closer to access the starting line.

The Fun Run and Classic Racers should park at Pikes Landing and drive down the Chena to the starting line in front of the Pump House.

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