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Let us know what the weather (hopefully snow fall) is like in your area

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MacLaren Report

#1 Post by john » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:01 pm

From Allen
Hello Everyone,

Sorry I missed last week’s newsletter but I was elbow deep in oily groomer parts on Thursday and it slipped my mind.

Not a ton of new and exciting things to report this week, but here are the basics.

Maclaren River Road, is in and groomed, watch out for overflow 12 miles up the valley by the big rock. Trail now goes around the lake of overflow, runs along the river bank and connects with the original trail a couple of miles from the rock.

Seven Mile Lake Trail, is in and groomed, not a ton of snow on that side of the valley but still a beautiful trail to ride. There are three spots on that trail that have little creeks crossing them so look for the stakes marking those hazards.

Denali Hwy Trail, is about as nice as it gets. The snow has been staying on the section from 9 mile to 15 mile, and the rest of the trail is a freeway. Some small drifting directly in front of Tangle River Inn and at the guardrails at Tangles, but otherwise the trail is smooth and flat. Over by 110 mile there is some serious overflow coming across the road, but you can go around it in the north ditch.

This is the time of year where everyone is out playing or working (dog-mushers training) so keep your eyes open and please use caution.

We look forward to seeing each one of you in the near future.

Alan Echols
Denali Hwy Trail Club

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