Board Meeting Nov. 7, 2013

Minutes from the Board and General membership meetings.

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Board Meeting Nov. 7, 2013

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Fairbanks Snow Travelers
Board Meeting Nov. 7, 2013
President: Peter Vredenburgh
Noel Wien Library

Members present: Peter Vredenburgh, Larry Morris; Treas, Tim Berg; Sec, Paul Renschen, Steve Enoch, Jody Nolan; Past President. Absent: Chris McDowell; VP, Steve Miller, Myles Thomas; had another meeting to attend.

• Treasurers report: Checking 847.01, Savings #1 1416.45, Savings #2 1255.64

• General Membership Meeting. Nov.20, 2013. We will have Shawn Osborn from Fort Wainwright talking about military land access and a representative from the Corps of Engineers will be there.

• Review of the Winter Show: We did make about 100 dollars. But the consensus is, that next year we tag on to a dealer for the show. We will have more discussion on it.

• Swap Meet: Participation was very slim. May do more advertising next year. Location was ok and the Outpost support was great and appreciated.

• We had talked about fund raising. Any suggestions?

• Peter reported that we had 35 people in attendance at the last meeting. There where no comments or suggestions.

• Snow Rondy is in the planning stages March 8

• Potlach Creek Bridge repair: Next year!

• John Johnston headed up a repair on the ramp on Cleary Summit with help from Larry and others.

• Next Board meeting Dec. 5, 2013 Library

Tim Berg

Tim Berg
The Snowmachine Registration, needs to be Repealed!

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