Hey I'm new.

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Hey I'm new.

#1 Post by jackrabbit » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:01 am

Hey my names Jake, I live in Terrace BC. I ride a 1999 mountain max 700, with lots of modifications, 144 track. but I am having wiring issues. last ride of the season last year, I could shut the key off and it would still run, and was having starting issues. It ran great before than. Anyways, i tried to wire in a switch to replace the key, but i cant find a wiring diagram for the right year. Wondering if anyone on here would have any suggestions.

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Re: Hey I'm new.

#2 Post by TheBearAk » Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:47 pm

Should be pretty simple if it doesn't have electric start.

Basically there are two wires. One is ground and the other is the kill. Take it to ground and it kills the engine. Typically this is connected to the input line to the CDI box, but you shouldn't have to worry about that side.

Just remember, OPEN = Run, CLOSED=Stop.

I think older (1980 and earlier) sleds also had lights wired through it, but I've got a 1999 and a 1995 Polaris in my yard that both are just 2 wires to the ignition switch.

Also, the ignition switch is wired in parallel with kill buttons and tethers. Your 1999 also has throttle sensor buttons that are also connected in parallel. Which means if any one of the buttons is not in run position, it will not start. All of the switches are OPEN when in run position.

Throttle sensors (2 of them) are connected in series with each other and parallel with the kill switch. One or the other switch in the Throttle sensor must be pushed in in order to run. Typically you can see one of them when you squeeze the throttle just a little. It us just a little button under the throttle. The other one is inside and gets pushed when you squeeze the throttle.

The key ignition might be just dirty. Use some brake clean to clean it up. If it feels loose, some had screws to take it apart and allowed you to clean it up and bend the rotary part back.

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