More on trail funding

We all hate it, but its forced upon us. Any local political issues we should know about ??

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More on trail funding

#1 Post by john » Fri May 03, 2019 11:18 am

Since the last Interior Trails Newsletter just a couple of days ago, there is new information about the three trails programs involved in the state budget. The RTP information has a call to action.

Recreational Trails Program
Rep. Grier Hopkins is trying to get support for an amendment that would require the administration to split funding between the state and local governments and nonprofits. According to his office: "Calls and emails to Rep. Tammie Wilson’s office in the next few days would be helpful." They are recommending a strategy of "positive support and emphasizing that the proposal to split the funds according to the traditional formula won’t require additional state funds."

Rep. Tammie Wilson's contact info:

Snowmobile Trails Program
The News-Miner's Sam Friedman has a story in today's paper regarding this program. The news is encouraging, though local snowmachiners aren't excited about the program or a bill to increase snowmachine registration fees. Read the story here: ... e0c12.html

Land and Water Conservation Fund
Good news. Apparently, this program will continue in Alaska. There is a one-year paperwork pause to clear out a backlog. That pause created concern that the administration would not be pursuing these funds, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

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