Snow TRACS Funds (From interior trails Quartly)

We all hate it, but its forced upon us. Any local political issues we should know about ??

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Snow TRACS Funds (From interior trails Quartly)

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Funding for the state Snowmobile Trails Program, originally cut from the state budget, has been restored, according to State Trails Coordinator Darcy Harris. Nothing about the program has been changed including deadlines. That means the due date for the public notice, June 10, has already passed. The application
due date is still July 1.

The Snowmobile Trail Program has two main parts. One is the Grooming Pool which pays for grooming and marking of Snowmachine Trial in a variety of places in interior and south-central Alaska, as well as the Juneau area.

The other part of the program provides grants for trail easement acquisition, development and maintenance of trails and trail -related facilities for snowmobile use, and for Safety and educational programs. Matching funds are required for all except safety and educational programs.

While this is a snowmachine specific program, winter grooming benefits winter users who use those trails. Trail easement acquisition, trail maintenance, and trail related facilities can benefit other trail users, even in summer. Funding for the Snowmobile Trails Program comes from registration fees paid by snowmobile owners. However the program is not guaranteed each year and must be included in the state budget. If the Program had been cut money would have been dispersed into the states general fund. The state Department of Natural Resources decides how to distribute the snowmobile trail Program funds, but it is guided by the Snowmobile Trails Advisory Council (SnowTRAC), which reviews funding requests and makes recommendations.

For more information on the program see:

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