FYI -- Ester Trail Access ::: Eva Creek Trail Status Report

We all hate it, but its forced upon us. Any local political issues we should know about ??

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FYI -- Ester Trail Access ::: Eva Creek Trail Status Report

#1 Post by john » Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:37 am

Hey Folks,

We are moving toward a settlement regarding the relocation of the Eva Creek Trail. In exchange for my dropping litigation for a prescriptive easement, Milt Behr, the property owner, has indicated that he will accept the following conditions. He, and his legal consul, have asked that I run it by other affected trail users. This settlement is virtually identical to what I’ve offered since 2011 (yes, the ATV’s, heavy equipment and road crossings are unsettling, but are within the rights of the property owner). If you have any concerns/questions/suggestions regarding the proposed settlement, please contact me.

Landowners will record an irrevocable multi-use, non-motorized, multi-season recreational trail easement, 20 wide through their property.
Landowners will be allowed to re-route the trail in the near future to accommodate their needs (substantially similar or meeting current sustainable design specifications, and approved by FNSB). See the photo for the likely location (Yellow is the perimeter of Behr’s property, Blue is the trail’s current location, Green is the likely re-alignment).
Trail will remain on the landowner’s property.
Geographically locked entrance and egress points.
Trail remains open 24/7.
Landowners are responsible for any relocation costs.
Landowners have the right to cross the trail, in a non-destructive fashion, with ATVs and heavy equipment.
Landowners have the right to construct access roads to each of his properties (there’s actually two properties in the photo).
Landowners reimburses the trail defense fund $2,000 for legal costs.

Sustainable Design Basis

- Contour Layout

conforming sidehill location to the terrain and contours (aka contour alignment)

- Grade control

trail alignment is less than 50% of the sideslope grade (aka half rule)
overall grade does not exceed 10%

- Integrated Water Control

create an outslope to promote sheet flow… 5-7%
Rolling Grade Dips at frequent intervals
dip in & out of drainages to shed water and prevent stream capture

- Durable Surface

naturally surfaced, full bench construction

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