It's been to quite around here, so....

We all hate it, but its forced upon us. Any local political issues we should know about ??

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It's been to quite around here, so....

#1 Post by john » Thu Jun 22, 2006 11:46 am

Palin sets up camp in Fairbanks


Sarah Palin opened a Fairbanks campaign office Wednesday wearing pearls and a big white T-shirt with SP4G blazoned across the back--translation: Sarah Palin for governor.

"I'm running for governor because Alaskans deserve trust and transparency in your state government," the Wasilla Republican told about 15 supporters. "The message I'm receiving is Alaskans don't want to settle for the same."

Palin criticized Gov. Frank Murkowski's management of the state budget and his proposed natural gas pipeline contract.

"I won't be flying around in a jet," she promised. "That just symbolizes everything that's wrong."

She called the proposed contract with BP, ConocoPhillips, and Exxon Mobil a "lopsided agreement" because it does not force the companies to build a pipeline. She disputed the claim underlying the contract--that developing the gas wouldn't be economic without changes to the state's tax and royalty systems.

Palin stressed her admiration for the Alaska Constitution and touted her experience as Wasilla mayor, arguing that working in local government demands that she listen to the people she's representing.

"Every governor should have been a city mayor," she said. "You can't get away with anything in local government."

Jim Heider, who attended the office opening, said he was supporting Palin because of her honesty.

"She's the only honest one running for governor," he said.

Palin was in North Pole on Tuesday for a campaign event at the Pagoda Restaurant and in Fairbanks on Wednesday for the Midnight Sun Festival, the office opening, a fundraiser at the home of Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Jim Whitaker, and a tailgate barbecue at the Goldpanners' Midnight Sun Game.

Her new office is in the Lathrop Building at 516 Second Ave.

In what turned into an informal question and answer session, Palin gave her opinions on issues ranging from the gas pipeline and budget to hunting and fishing rights.

On the subject of natural gas, Palin said her "preferred line" would run through Alaska. She questioned how soon a pipeline through Canada, as the three companies propose, could be built.

"Let's do what we can handle right now," she said.

Palin said she believes there are "inconsistencies" with the state constitution in the contract, including an agreement to keep oil and gas taxes the same for decades. Giving up the right to sue over aspects of the contract could also be inconsistent, she said.

She said she did not accept an invitation by Rep. Eric Croft, an Anchorage Democrat also running for governor, to support the ballot initiative to tax oil companies on their gas reserves.

"Inherently, I have such a problem with taxes," she said, adding that she thought some kind of "incentive" was needed to force the companies to develop the resource.

In part because of her stance on the pipeline, members of the Alaska Gasline Port Authority are supporting Palin's campaign.

Ryan Colgan, the group's executive administrator, took part in the office opening and said he was a volunteer with the campaign. Whitaker, the group's chairman, hosted a fundraiser Wednesday evening.

"We like what Sarah brings to the table," Colgan said. "It's no secret Sarah has a positive stance to an all-Alaska gas line, and we are trying to build an all-Alaska gas line."

He said his and Whitaker's actions did not amount to an port authority endorsement of Palin.

Palin responded to a question about the state budget by criticizing the awarding of seed money to projects, such as the "road to Juneau," before knowing if communities want the projects or where the money would come from.

She said she would limit spending by using forward funding and by not automatically accepting increases in annual budgets.

When asked about hunting and fishing rights, Palin said she did not want to amend the state constitution to allow preferences for certain Alaskans.

"I'm pro-subsistence for all Alaskans," she said, adding that she would seek to manage resources to provide "abundance."

Supporters said they were drawn to Palin for different reasons.

Ladd McBride said he was impressed by her integrity and her service in local government.

"That's where it all begins," he said.

He said he thought Palin would do a better job than Murkowski at negotiating a natural gas pipeline, and that lawmakers should wait for her.

Montana Kid Hammer said he was won over by what he'd read and heard about Palin.

"I'm already calling her governor," he said. "Everything she touches seems to turn to gold."

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#2 Post by Alaskan Polar Bear » Thu Jun 22, 2006 7:29 pm

well after the state has been run by men for 50 years maybe it's time to give a woman a chance
to become a millionaire. she has done a pretty good job running wassila , I don;t think that she could make
things any worse for the state.

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#3 Post by mountaicat800 » Thu Jun 22, 2006 9:27 pm

I heard that she did a good job as mayor for Wasilla. I think the most vital thing for Alaska now is the development and building of the gas line.

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#4 Post by john » Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:45 am

I know to things about her, 1. She's very pro snowmobiling and activity supported snowmobile trails when she was mayor of Wasilla, 2. I know 2 people who worked for her and they both were impressed with her integrity, ability and honesty, even though one of them lost her job during her term as mayor.

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