Were back.....

This is for announcements on the site and our come back.

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Were back.....

#1 Post by john » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:14 am

The Fairbanks Snow Travelers web site is back, well sort of.

We have the forums back in a new and updated format.

Our old main page (the one that had the links to GPS, Rides, and other wonderful info) is still in the rebuild mode. I'm not sure yet just how its going to look, but it'll be nice :P

Everyones login accounts are goods, unless that is, you joined during or after July 2008.

If you did join during or after July 2008, you may have to re-register. Sorry about that but I got a bit lazy in my secured back ups and lost all members and post from the middle of July 2008 to current. I'll be better in future, promise.

You may observe some intermediate down times. You'll know I'm working on the site if the site page says "This Board is Unavailable, try back later" and do try back later.

I'll post updates to this forum as I go along and may even ask for some opinions, not that any of us our opinionated...

So post your question and keep us posted about rides coming up. I'll do a Rides Update list under upcoming rides :P

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