More Summer Fun from Paul

Summer time is for ATV riding and trail work. Post your thoughts, trail maintenance wants and any summer rides here

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More Summer Fun from Paul

#1 Post by john » Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:49 am

There is a little dirt strip just north of North Pole with an ultra-light operation. I have been meaning to try it for years. Yesterday I went for my first "trike" flight. What fun! I have a fear of heights, so I found myself apprehensive during the climb-out, but once we were in the air and I was busy flying, it was great! The flying was both hard and easy. Hard because there is no rudder and the controls are backward (left pressure for a right turn, forward for up, etc.) from everything I have flown before, easy because the trike wants to fly. I am hoping to treat myself to a couple more hours this summer. We will see.



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