Cleary Summit to Crowberry

Where is the best riding to so far this year

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Cleary Summit to Crowberry

#1 Post by cleary » Mon Dec 13, 2004 9:18 am

Margaret and I rode to Crowberry in the Whites yesterday. As I'm sure you all know the Crowberrry Cabin burned this summer. The trail from our place on Cleary Summit to Chatanika is great, well groomed. The Yellow Trail from Chatanika to Haystack is somewhat rough but Ron at Chatanika is planning on grooming it soon. Haystack to the White Mountain Trail one mile east of Moose Creek Cabin is rough is spots. A very wide fireline was built from Haystack to the White Mountains trail system parallaling and for the last 3 miles or so covering the Haystack/Whitemountain trail. This last 3 miles is the part of the trail that was very narrow and twisty. The fireline is much better riding. These firelines have been reclamated, that is, the tundra and trees have been dragged back onto them. They are rideable in some places. The White Mountain Trail System from Moose Creek to Crowberry is very rough. Doesn't appear to have been groomed this year.


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