Chatanika/Chena Hot Springs Road Trail

Where is the best riding to so far this year

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Chatanika/Chena Hot Springs Road Trail

#1 Post by cleary » Sat Dec 11, 2004 4:37 pm

Margaret and I rode from home, (Cleary Summit) down the trail to Fish Creek today. Fish Creek has frozen over and started to Glacier. We took snow scoops and built ramps down to the ice from both sides and then "boot packed" them. We didn't try crossing as the snow needs time to set up. It was well below zero so it should set quickly. If you use the crossing in the near future would you try to carry some speed down into the dip so you don't have to spin your track coming out of the other side??? It would also be helpful if you carried a shovel and shoveled some snow into the crossing and stomped it down. Hopefully this way we can keep it usable until it glaciers full.

Has anyone been up the trails from Two River or Chena Hot Springs road to Iowa Dome yet??? We'll break it out from Fish Creek to the dome as soon as we can. Fort Knox cleaned up the Hillbilly Highway down toward Fish Creek this summer. There are still a few tree laying down near the bottom that need to be cleaned out. If we all carry our folding brush saws and clear a little bit when we go through it should be in good shape soon.

The temp. up here on Cleary is plus 18 right now, 4:30 PM and the riding on all the roads and trails is good. We have groomed from Chatanika to the NASA tower at the head of Gilmore Creek. The Alph C Site Road and the Old FE Power Line Trail are good.

For weather conditions up here don't forget the Cleary Road Weather Information site.. ... R?RPUID=29


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