Where is the best riding to so far this year

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#1 Post by Maclaren River Lodge » Mon Nov 01, 2004 9:14 am

Hello everyone,

Winter is truely here. We have received another 1 foot of snow on top of the 2 feet we had on the ground here at the lodge. Of course it is deeper than that in High Valley (28 - 38 mile). There were several riders out last weekend. Everyone had a good time riding, especially Sunday. It was beautiful, clear and warm.

Riding through High Valley, watch for the river banks. Although there is not much water, the banks are now piled with snow and make a dangerous drop. The bigger lakes are still not safe to ride on, the smaller ones should be ok if you do not stop on them. The Maclaren River has only the main channel left to freeze. It is very close to being totally frozen.

The Denali Highway is now a snowmachine only highway. The snow is deep enough to ride on and too deep to drive on. The highway is in good shape. It has not been groomed, yet. The groomer is ready to go, just a little more snow to protect the tracks.

Today, it is 32 degrees and cloudy. It is pretty windy in High Valley (imagine that!). So there will be some drifts to contend with until the groomer runs. Alan and I will be in Fairbanks today and tomorrow, so we will have a more accurate trail report on Saturday.

One thing about it, we have plenty of snow to ride, and have for 3 weeks. It just keeps getting better and better!!
And let everyone know:


We have had several people say they heard we were not open or that no one was sure we were open, well, we are open and operating full force!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parking is available at Paxson Inn, One Mile pull off, Summit Lake (but you cannot ride on the Lake yet, or Fielding Lake. Once again, the lakes and rivers ARE NOT FROZEN yet. Please be careful out there!!!!

See ya'll this weekend!!

Alan & Susie Echols
Maclaren River Lodge

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