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Iron Dog Help

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:29 pm
by john
Post this here as well as sending out emails, so sorry of you get more than one of these requests.

Hope everyone is staying warm these days.

The river is looking good from Nenana to the Flood Control, a little rough above the Chena, but decent shape.
I’m looking for help to run the river track and put out stakes. So far Roger B has been doing lots of riding and he’s got a good track set.

Anyone willing to help, please email me back. The race starts on Feb 16th for the Rec class rides and Feb 18th for the Pros. Finishers are expected to be at Fairbanks by 10:00 AM on Feb 24th.

I’ll be needing help at the North Pole fuel point starting around 8:00 AM. First racers are expected through this year by 9:00 AM.

So again, please email me (bearqst AT ak DOT net) if you’re interested helping.