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December General Membership Meeting

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 8:58 am
by john
General Membership Agenda Dec 20, 2017

1. Call to order – 7:00 pm
2. Approve minutes

3. Financial Report
A. Account Balances
B. Summary of expenditures and Income

4. Guest Speaker – Mark Richards, Resident Hunters

5. Old business
A. Rides and Events Calendar
C. Ride Leaders and Assistance, sign in and membership to join ride, food?
D. Newsletter Help
E. Bonnifield Trail Bridge
F. Snowmobile Safety w/Tired Iron, Now Avalanche Safety on Jan 20/21st
G. Trails Foundation Update

--Break –

6. New business
A. January meeting also Annual Meeting, Elections
B. BLM request for FST help on trails
C. Clarify Membership Period
D. Policy and Procedures Manual Available online

7. Open question/discussion

8. Door Prize Draw, you need to be present

9. Set next meeting, adjourn

Avalanche class size limit and deposit requirement.
Board Election, volunteers needed for board
Trail brushing on Cleary and Chatanika