Mar Meeting Agenda and past month minutes

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Mar Meeting Agenda and past month minutes

#1 Post by john » Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:13 pm

This month's general membership meeting is at The Outpost on Airport.

General Membership Agenda Mar 15, 2017
The Outpost

1. Call to order – 7:00 pm
2. Approve minutes
3. Financial Report
A. Account Balances
B. Summary of expenditures

4. Old business
A. Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) Call List Signup
B. Newsletter Input

5. New business
A. Presentation from Alyeska on RUG

--Break to complete RUG Permits--

B. Club Patches
C. Funding Options / discussion on Raffle / Gaming Permit

6. Open question/discussion
- Rides for Mar and Apr
- Bonnifield Trail Bridge – Next Season
- Guest/Presentation suggestions
- End of Season Picnic
- Meeting in Apr and May ?

7. Door Prize Draw, you need to be present

8. Set next meeting, adjourn

January Minutes, please note any corrections.

Fairbanks Snow Travelers (FST)

General Membership Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2017 Held at Northern Power Sports, Fairbanks, AK
Meeting called to order by John Johnston 7:00pm

Members and guests present:
David Oliver, Ingrid Oliver, Stoney Robertson, Steve Miresse, Brandon Miresse, Kerry Barnes, Nick Schwartz, Dale Mitchell, Jesse Miller-Harris, Jim Miller, Darrell Bohn, Alan Onderik, Jody Maxim, Phillip Maxim, Jenna Zechman, Terry Nunes, Peter Vrendenburgh, Tim Berg, Alvin Beehler, Michael Canady, Garrett Savory, John Johnston

Approval of Minutes from January general membership meeting. All yea.

Financial report by Treasurer Phillip Maxim
$1325.80 savings with approximately $100.00 additional funds collected this evening.
$3561.23 checking
Steve Enochs explains interest from lifetime memberships maintains the clubs 120 machines.

John Johnston announces and introduces the newly elected board members. Request for help with Iron Dog trail staking Thursday and Friday March 23rd and 24th along with assistance with fuel stop and finish March 25th.

Presentation by Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR)
Jenna Zechman and Garrett Savory with Wilderness Search and Rescue interior region provide an excellent Q and A report of their organization. They are an all volunteer group that work under the direction of the Alaska State Troopers in assisting with various search and rescue needs. They explain the need for more help in snow machine capacities and logistic support in non-technical terrain. Both Jenna and Garrett go on to provide information of the different levels of certification involved being; transportation certification, steep terrain/rope/glacier, AV training etc. They explain new recruits start as associate members with an AST background check and provide training towards becoming an operational member.
They invited members to attend their meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Fairbanks Mental Health Bldg. and visit their AKWSAR website.

Ian Thomas, Chief Ranger of Northern Region State Parks
Ian gives an update of the Chena Recreation Area. He elaborates on the status of the areas trails and the $7039.28 budget awarded from the state grooming pool. He informs us of trailhead upgrades coming to various recreation points, mostly to increase the limited parking area of certain spots. Olnes pond got a public use cabin. Stated that there is no director for the organization only an acting director. Explain the need for Alyeska corridor permits when traveling the pipeline and finally spoke of the current budget cuts to various areas in the region.

Saturday February 18th, pizza run meet at Nordale pullout. Pizza at Two Rivers Lodge
Saturday February 25th, Iron Dog finish downtown. Trail setting and staking Thursday and Friday. See John Johnston to help.
March 9th to the 12th is the Trek Over the Top, Tok to Dawson.
March 11th Fox to Murphy Dome, 10am at Fox Store
March 18th Cantwell, ride to Caribou Lake
March 25th and 26th Alpine Creek Lodge, Phillip Maxim leading this one. Make your reservations early. Going in from the Cantwell side.
April 3rd to the 9th, Arctic Man

Planning for events discussion; ideas include, the Winter Show, Chena Rec area snow drags, swap meet, bonfire at Moose creek dam with removed wood by the corp of engineers.

John Johnston is updating the existing database of members and membership information.

15 minute break 8:00-8:15

Member Kerry Barnes of Cleary Summit gives an update of the trail situation adjacent to Fort Knox that has been unusable due to the mines snow plowing therefore blocking access to the historic RS2477 trails right of way that has prevented travel from the Gilmore area to Cleary Summit. Kerry stated that he met with mine officials with these concerns about the 2.7 miles of affected area. Having traveled and viewing of the area with mine officials he confirmed that they were most responsive and concerned resulting in the repair and maintenance of said trails to an exceptionally high degree.

John Johnston elaborated on trails citing Bonnefield trail bridges with the installation of the acquired 3rd bridge to complete access to Clear Sky Lodge via Bonnefield trail. John continued with discussion of suggestions and ideas for; guest presentations, future vision of the club including fundraising giving some possible ideas as; safety seminars, gaming and raffles in association with Alaska Outdoor Council (AOC), meeting with Karen Gordon to coordinate. Other ideas include higher end raffles as income for resources such as larger snow machines with trail grooming capabilities in hopes of the adoption of trail boss duties for the Borough? Iron Dog being an example.

Alan Onderik updated the club on Tired Iron and Jurassic Classic catering to snowmobiles from 1979 and older. This year being scaled down to just the Jurassic Classic being held March 19th adjacent to Fred Meyer east and the bus barn from 9 to 5:30. The Boy Scouts will be helping with food and includes a show and shine. Will be returning to the Flood Control area next year with the return of Tired Iron.

The end of season picnic is slated for May 20th at Steven Enochs place near Chena Marina. This will be a potluck with details to be posted on the website.
Upcoming meetings:

Fairbanks Snow Travelers board meeting will be held at Denny's Thursday March 2nd at 6:00pm
The next General Membership Meeting will take place at the Outpost, Wednesday March 15th at 7:00pm

Steve Enochs heads the drawing for good stuff one can use:
Tim Berg is the first ticket drawn but unfortunately had left early, sorry Tim.
John Johnston wins a folding saw.
Dale Mitchell – first aid kit
Brenden Mirrese – gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse
Stoney Robertson – fire starter pack

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm

Minutes submitted by David Oliver, Secretary FST

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Re: Mar Meeting Agenda and past month minutes

#2 Post by mit » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:13 pm

Figures! :wall:

Tim Berg
The Snowmachine Registration, needs to be Repealed!

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