October Board Meeting

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October Board Meeting

#1 Post by CrystalG » Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:42 pm

FST Board Meeting October 5, 2011

Present: Jody, Juan and Crystal

Meeting start: 6:40pm.

No Treasurer’s report.

Jody ordered new logo’d items. $20 for t-shirts, and $35 for sweatshirts at the show. Poly cotton mix.

Rodney called from Compeau’s – Ski-Doo is offering the same deal – money for club members that fill out forms. Compeau’s will be at the show so we will get forms to have at booth.

Rodney got a call from Debra at NAOI about doing an avalanche class – want to do it in conjunction with Compeau’s open house on Nov 18th and 19th. Rodney asked Jody if we would be willing to help, and Jody said Yes! If we can get some stuff before the show, we will have on display.

Go Winter Expo – Crystal said that we should probably do the full newsletters for the show to give new and potential members a picture of the club. Talked about layout and design. Jody has done a dvd that we can play on a TV to keep cycling through. Juan and Crystal have the bins and will bring them to the show. Jody’s looking at getting one of the 120’s cleaned up for the show. She’ll go over at noon, and when Jody is ready she will give Crystal a call to help come set up.

Swap Meet – Juan is new coordinator for this year, he will meet with John on Friday to get information and equipment. Juan is working on getting figuring out how to keep coffee and hot water without a generator. John has already asked Sportsman’s if we could do the Swap Meet again, so that’s a go.

Ride List – Juan wants to change his January ride to 28 mile Elliot. We have Maclaren for March 3rd and 4th – now $100 for one night’s lodging and 3 meals (Sat lunch, Sat dinner, and Sun breakfast). Change the Maclaren ride to an Int/Adv from a Fam. December Meeting is ABSOLUTE cutoff for signing up because they will be opening up available rooms right after that. Possibly need to change Fairbanks Creek Lodge ride on Nov 26. Jody is looking into if we want to do breakfast run, lunch run, or something else for that ride. She will check with lodge to see if it is a go. Feb 18th Hard Luck Creek/ Murphy Dome ride – change to Fam from Int. Jody is looking at all of the April Paxon/Cantwell rides to see if we need to change either leader or destinations. Feb 24/25 – Trail marking on Friday and Sat -Remove from ride list. Will see if Myles is at October General meeting to see if Beaver Point is an option still.

October Meeting Agenda Items – Jody will not be at meeting, so Juan will "lead" meeting.
Upcoming elections
Introduce board members and new members
Ski Doo Offer
Other rides that people want to lead
Maclaren and Beaver Point Rides information
Avalanche Class information
ASSA membership

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

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