Riding in Cantwell

Have questions on using a GPS?, maybe you have some thoughts on which ones work on a sled and those that won't hold up?... Let us know

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Riding in Cantwell

#1 Post by john » Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:52 am

So, with all the hoohaa about the land allotments in the Cantwell area and lack of signage showing where the access route are locate at I figured it'd be a good idea to get the GPS coordinates for them from BLM.

BLAM was great and very helpful in accomplishing this. What I got back from them was
Here is a link for SDMS, a mapping program that BLM has. If you get the time today, please take a look at this. You can add the easements get the way points that you are looking for. This will only show you the easements that are in black (these are the ones that were actually reserved in a conveyance document). The easements in red will not show as they were only proposed and have not been reserved.

When you are looking at this site, give me a call and I will walk you thru how to use it and get the information that you are requesting.


I really hope that this helps you in trying to determine what you are wanting.
The reference to Red easements were shown on the map I have as "proposed", so a not issue for now.

However, using the site I was able to get to a number of access sites/trails folks may use in the area to get through the AHTNA allotted lands and on to state lands.

To get to Caribou Lakes, one of our past favorite ride, without having to run the Jack River starts at

63°15'02" N 149°15'02" W

You can also start by the Summit Airstrip at

63°21'32" N 149°02'08" W

Both of the above are in NAD 83

Now that I have the SDMS system figured out a little better, I'd be willing to help anyone out who needs to determine a location.

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