Burning Rubber

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Burning Rubber

#1 Post by TheBearAk » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:32 am

I got reminded of the story a year or so ago about the couple guys that got stuck up in the mountains and they ended up burning their machines to survive.

It made me wonder if they had a knife? I know by the time you decide to do something like that, you're probably pretty desperate. With a knife, you could cut the track off and cut it into smaller pieces to make it last longer. Cut the seat off to burn as well, and even poke a hole in the gas take if you are not able to roll the machine.

Not much else on the machine will actually burn.

I know in desperate times, money is not a factor, but wouldn't that be a better alternative then torching the whole machine? Seems like it would stretch your survival longer too.

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Re: Burning Rubber

#2 Post by Alaskan Polar Bear » Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:08 pm

Of the 3 machines 2 were insured, the bozo's were in a valley real close to the runway parking area in street clothes,
i don't remember if they had helmets with them, but i think not.
if they had a helmet they could have built a signal fire in the helmet and stayed warm at the same time...
after this event my son and i went over what we could burn off the machine to stay warm, yet be able to use the machine if the conditions changed,
mudflap, windshield, cowling, side panels, airbox, then the seat, and i figure the plastic ski's, , as the son never uses his anyway,,in bits and pieces a few at a time ,,, yup could'a been out there a quite a while before I had to torched the sled,,

No track and engine? what's the point?
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Re: Burning Rubber

#3 Post by Stephen E. Enochs » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:57 pm

Tony contact me via my email address at seeprop@juno.com...I tried to send you an email a few weeks ago and it did not go thru

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